Carving of Virgin Mary Face in a Log of Olive Wood

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This statue of  “Mary Face in a log of olive wood “ is hand crafted from olive wood in Bethlehem / Jerusalem. It is magnificent piece of art that been made by the Palestinian craftsmen, out of one piece log of olive wood, It is very a gorgeous carving with her pure face,  these craftsmen  have been  produces and creates some of the most exquisite and meaningful Christian art in the Holy Land. The remarkable artisans of Bethlehem have passed on the secrets of hand carving Olive Wood into phenomenal sculptures from generation to generation, and the skills and methods used are often the same ones used for hundreds of years. Brilliantly carving breathtaking scenes and sculptures out of beautiful Olive Wood, each one of these superb works of art is a masterpiece to be treasured and cherished forever. This statue of “Virgin Face “hand carved near the site where Virgin Mary is gave the actual birth, near the nativity church.

This Statue is great gift for Christmas, Birthday, and most of the Christian Holidays.

Underneath this statue of   “Virgin Mary Face “you will find the” Bethlehem wood carving” seal of authenticity and along with our Holy Land Gift Shop card you will receive a “Made in Bethlehem” certificate of authenticity.

This olive wood article is very solid, and durable. The surface has a fine finish that’s silky smooth to the touch.

No two items are identical due to differences in the wood grain and may contain minor cracks natural to the olive wood knots.

These olive wood products are carved from branches that are pruned during the standard pruning process. This is a beautiful and truly meaningful gift from the Holy Land.



Olive wood is very unique by nature. The grain will be different from one branch to another which means there are no identical items. The item shipped may be slightly different that the one shown in the pictures. It may also contain minor cracks or knots due to the natural to the olive wood.



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